What is the Role of Accounting in Business?

Accounting is very important in an organization as it allows you to know your company’s financial status by providing useful information. Financial statements that accountants create give a lot of information that can be useful for the business owner, as well as other stakeholders as well.

A financial statement may include information about the company’s sales revenues, the amount of money that you owe to suppliers, the cost of your employees’ benefits, among many other things.

The beauty of its creation is that accountants usually follow the GAAP which means that financial statements are always standardized- making it easier by external entities such as auditors, customers, and potential investors to read what is stipulated in such records.

If you are going to do accounting on your own, you will find it hard and confusing. Let the professionals handle it by acquiring accounting and business services in Malaysia.


There is no question that business owners need to pay their taxes as well. The tax that you have to pay will depend on a number of factors, including the business’ income, sales tax, and possibly other taxes that your business might incur.

Remember, when you file for your taxes, the information that you present on the tax forms should be valid and accurate. Failure to write the appropriate amounts can get you in trouble with your country’s internal revenue service.

An accountant that will handle all of your company’s financial records will be able to accurately calculate your company’s tax obligations. Not only that, but you are ensured that you are going to pay the exact amount- no more and no less.


Accounting can provide valuable information for the management of the company to know. You might think that you are gaining some profits, but in reality, that is not necessarily the case. That is because sometimes, the cost of sales is much higher than you expect, thus reducing your company’s income.

Also, if all of the sales that you’ve made are on credit, you may not have the money sufficient enough to pay all of your suppliers and you may not even have the ability to pay for your utilities as well.

This makes accounting even more important as it helps business owners ensure that their business operations are in-line with the owner’s willingness to get maximum profits.


The accountant/s that you will hire will be able to create your company’s balance sheets and cash flow statements for you. These accounting instruments can be used by outside stakeholders to help them assess if you are capable of giving them what they need.

It can be useful for investors since they want something in return for their initial investments. It can also be useful for lending agencies and banks as they will know if you have the capacity to pay back the loan that you took.


Accountants will be able to spot any type of fraud or cheating by looking at financial records. They have keen attention to detail and they will report to the owners if something is amiss.