Website Hosting 101

Are you looking for top hosting websites in Malaysia that can help you improve your brand’s online presence? There are plenty of reliable web hosts in the area that you can pick from. Consider web hosting as a house where you can store all of your valuables. However, instead of furniture pieces and household goods, you are storing the files needed for your web pages to function.

Another thing you should focus on is a domain name. You need a domain name to keep your web pages online and searchable.

Why do you need website hosting?

For your website to be truly successful in the long run, you need to invest in quality website hosting. It wouldn’t even cost a lot to have your own piece of digital real estate.

1.Your website is safe.

If you fail to host your own website, you will never too sure about its overall security online. With quality hosting services, you can settle for security plugins, a content management system and other strict measures that will help you manage security well. Several website hosting companies, like HostGator, offers 24/7 customer support. You can reach out to them whenever you need to address something.

2.You will have full control over your website.

Hosting your website on free platforms such as Tumblr or Blogger is risky. For your web pages to remain online, you need to agree to all of their terms and conditions. Before taking any major step with regards to hosting, read web hosting online reviews first. Surely, you would encounter lots of horror stories about websites being taken down after breaking a particular rule.

If you are really serious about managing your website in the long run, don’t settle for free platforms. With a paid hosting plan, you will have better control of your blog or ecommerce store.

3.You would have more customization options.

Another issue that you may come across with free web hosting websites is co-branding. Basically, your platform shares its branding with a free web host. This can lessen your credibility, and negatively impact your website’s overall design and vibe.

Using a free web hosting option wouldn’t allow you to customize or expand your website, depending on your preferences. You would have limited access to tools and plugins. As a result, your website’s growth would be limited.