Web Design 101: How to Make the Most Out of Your Business Website

Are you planning to create a new website for your business? A website is an important aspect of your business profile. Below are crucial points you need to remember regarding this.



  • Utilize quality photographs.


Humans are visual creatures who thrive in a visual environment. If you are planning to use images for your web pages, make sure that they are fully optimized, and of great quality. Photography services may be a bit expensive, but this is a good investment if you want to gain more traffic and conversion.  All the best website designs utilize great quality photographs.



  • Analyze and monitor.


Google analytics is an important tool that you should utilize to monitor your website’s performance. The best thing about this? You can use it for free!




We are at the age of a mobile revolution. More and more individuals are accessing the online world through their tablets and smartphones. Check how your web pages look in smaller screens.



  • Set your website goals.


What is your website’s purpose? How can it support your business? Do you want to improve your sales leads, newsletter signups and bookings? Whatever your goals are, you should design your website in accordance to those points.



  • Your website should be user-friendly.


If you really want your business to grow, make your web pages user friendly. By doing so, your visitors can accomplish their tasks smoothly and successfully. This can further increase your engagement and conversion rates.


Usability is a detailed and complex component of a brilliant website design. Here are the points that you should focus on:

  1. User-Centered Approach
  2. Link Recognition
  3. Information Design
  4. Navigation
  5. Consistent and Intuitive Navigation
  6. Readability
  7. Web Content