The Different Kinds of Web Hosting

1.VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

When you go for VPS hosting, it’s like having your very own server without actually having one. While there are other websites in the same server, they are all partitioned, so each one operates on its own bandwidth, disk space and operating system. It offers a much bigger degree of individual control and root access, without enduring the expensive costs of dedicated hosting.

2.Dedicated Hosting

If you want to settle with the best hosting service in Malaysia, and at the same time willing to pay a heavy amount, go for dedicated hosting. In this kind of set up, the server is all yours to use. You will be able to maximize the level of control and flexibility. Just keep in mind that dedicated servers require a lot more overhead costs, thus making it a bigger investment.

3.Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the option of utilizing many machines in order to support websites. This kind of “resources pooling” provides amazing reliability. In case a website goes offline, your own website wouldn’t become unavailable. Your web pages would continue to use resources from other machines, until your web host fixes the errors. This functions as an extra security measure for your website.

4.Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting won’t cost any amount, but offers quite a lot of downsides. Free hosting services come with low data transfer capabilities and bandwidth. This means that your pages can’t support that much traffic. Uploads and downloads are also slower.

This is the best option if you are just starting out. But, if you want your website to generate income, this is the most unreliable choice. It is less secure, and usually offers poor customer service. Furthermore, there is a chance that the free hosting agency would disappear anytime, leaving you with no plan, backup and website.

5.Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, several websites share a single server, and all its resources. For beginners on a tight budget, this is better option than free web hosting. You can avail a shared web hosting plan at a low price! There are also plenty of advantages that come with a shared hosting model.