Mobile Apps 101: 4 Tips in Reducing Mobile App Development Costs


Do you want to develop a mobile app for your business? Mobile application design and development can be a very pricey project. It involves multiple devices and platforms, and lots of other issues such as coding languages, storage, security, resolutions and sizes. Below are some tips to decrease the costs.

Design first, then build later.

Before starting your mobile app development project, make sure to plan everything first. What is the exact workflow? What kind of interface do you want for your app? Iron out the mobile app’s design, and organize the list of requirements. Define your direction. Rule out the dead ends.

Focus only on what is important.

Every business owner would love to add cool features in their mobile apps. But, you should first think about what your business truly needs. Include only those features that will fulfill your goals. It’s always better to create a mobile app with much fewer features.

You should consider the MVP, or minimum viable product method. MVP products have limited functionality, but can satisfy the mobile app’s primary objectives. It is also possible to include more features, if needed.

Think of cross-platform development.

Your mobile app should target various devices and mobile platforms, while limiting the development efforts necessary to execute various versions.

Take note: native apps perform more compared to any type of web apps. However, they are also the most expensive to maintain and develop. Web-based apps are the most affordable to develop, since they can run on any type of device through an HTML5 browser.

Cross-platform development is essential when creating a web app. No matter kind of tools are being used, incorporating a responsive design is important.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Professional app developers are not the only ones creating apps these days. It’s very easy to find pre-built app templates, integration adapters, back-end systems and pre-built templates. These tools can help make the development process a lot easier.

Take advantage of all the tools available when it comes to automation. To produce better products, and to save more money and time, you should test the framework efficiently.